Omnivore’s Dilemma

Food Rules


Extending the Table


Food, Inc.

King Corn


Quick Facts:
Bread for the World Institute’s Hunger 2010 report argues that “Dollar for dollar, spending on infrastructure and safety net programs stimulates a higher return on investment than tax cuts.”

9 Responses to “Resources”

  1. Check out the books ‘Instructions to the Cook’ by Bernie Glassman and Rick Fields.

  2. Check out Bernie Glassman’s founding of Greyston Bakery in the Bronx. May call for a road trip.

    dated but very good Washington Post series re: global food crisis

  4. Movie ‘The Future of Food’ free online.

    Monsanto placing liability for their GMO crops on the farmers.

    Vandana Shiva’s ‘The Future of Food’ free on You Tube in 3 parts. If you are not familiar with her great work in India, please google her. She is the saint of food!

  7. FDA corruption.


    Corn used as biofuel affecting global food prices.


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