Food Issues

As we roll into the changing of seasons, prepping our tastebuds for the autumnal flavors, there is plenty of great gastronomical reading for us to digest! Both The Nation and The New York Times have released their annual Food Issues.

From these journalists, we can learn:

And, if I had to borrow a manifesto about food, Mark Bittman’s prolific statement would be it: “Which brings us to how food can change the world. For people to eat well, to live well, to thrive and be healthy (and for health care costs to become more affordable), for agriculture and rural areas and even towns and cities to be sustainable — that is, for agriculture and land and water and labor to endure — the food system has to change. That means working locally, nationally, globally. Fix school lunches. Support a farmer, or start growing your own vegetables. Work for a member of Congress who is committed to making Big Food pay its way. Support fair treatment of workers — and of animals too. As a friend of mine said recently, there’s plenty of good work to do. With food it can really have an impact, not only on your life but on everyone’s.”

Take some time to savor these great works!

~ by Kate on October 5, 2011.

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