Food, Hunger, and Commodities in the Evening News

As was mentioned during the Q&A at our Adrian presentation, Brian Williams on the Nightly News highlighted many of the concerns we shared, just an hour before we hit the stage!

You can watch the video below.



A few highlights are:

  • The fact that Americans spend about 9% of their income on food, while those in developing countries spend upwards of 80% on food.
  • Weather is impacting prices from crop failures to droughts to floods.
  • If everyone ate like we did in the US, we’d need another 2 planets to serve us!
  • Commodities speculation plays a large role in rising food costs!


What YOU Can Do:

  1. International: A quick action you may consider, is writing a letter to your legislators on not cutting funding for USAID, the United States Agency for International Development, who serve some of the  2.5 billion people who  live in poverty and struggle to survive on less than $2 per day.
  2. US: In addition, ask Congress to protect hunger relief programs at home. Proposed cuts will affect the more than 49 million Americans who are afflicted with hunger.

Remember, “when we reflect, question, and act- we are all the more powerful”.

Go share your bread.

~ by Kate on February 17, 2011.

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